Navigating your freight through a pandemic

Navigating your freight through a pandemic

The last 5 months have brought turbulent changes to Australian businesses and the way that we operate through an ever-changing and evolving pandemic.

With many working from home and a lot of businesses moving to e-commerce platforms to stay afloat, it has meant that all businesses have needed to become (if not already) quick-thinking, resourceful and fluid.

One industry which as a whole has remained consistent (albeit increased regulations to uphold and hurdles to contend with) is the Freight Industry.  The demand for freight has never been higher which has seen major freight powerhouses struggle at times trying to process the sheer volume of freight that is currently travelling throughout the country.

It’s hard to not feel frustrated when you are on the receiving end of delays in service by businesses that you heavily depend upon, but, it’s important to acknowledge the challenges all are currently facing and analysing if there is anything that you can do from your side to relieve the pressure off your team when navigating your freight through a pandemic.

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