Selecting the right Carrier and service

Selecting the right Carrier and service

The transport industry is made up of hundreds of carriers around Australia, all with their own specialities. Some specialise in carrying full semi loads from state to state, others carrying cartons and a few carrying satchels. Further to this, there are the carriers that specialise in the states they travel to. Carriers price themselves within the market that they intend to service which is why your business will find major differences in service pricing from carrier to carrier.

The art of managing your businesses freight is educating yourself as to which carriers are inline with the type of freight you need moved, ensuring that the tech you are using is helping and not hindering your freight processes and securing rates for your freight that enable you to move your products efficiently around Australia.


Having the ability to quote and book your freight online with options for the cheapest or the quickest movement is becoming the norm.

This technology allows customers to manage their freight online and have a multitude of carrier options where their booking will go to the various carriers with minimal clicks of the mouse, not having to open different websites and never having to pick up the phone again. The technology allows you to track your freight and returns the POD to you when you’re ready to view it.

When you can utilise all these carriers within the one easy to use software platform that gives you the information you currently receive and more, how much time could you save? And therefore, how much money could you be saving not only in the freight movement itself but in the time saving on not having to make several phone calls or go to various websites to book in your freight.

Selecting the correct service and knowing service limitations helps your business ensure that freight travels as it should and meets its delivery deadlines

There are a lot of what seem to be minor details when it comes to getting your freight moved around this expansive country of ours. However, taking advice from experts and getting them involved in the decision-making process early in the project can minimise and even eliminate the headaches and possible loss of newly acquired clients.

When you’re in the business of growing your business and keeping your costs down, it is worthwhile having a discussion with a freight management company that can take away the pain of moving your freight for you.