Technology in Transport

Technology in Transport

When your despatch manager is trying to get the cheapest quotes or the quickest possible ETA to book that parcel to get to one of your major clients, do you ever wonder “I wish there was a quicker way”?

Chances are your despatch manager is having to go onto various carriers’ websites or portals to enter the same details over and over to then have to write down the price they have been given. Only to have to go back into the selected website once they have determined the best option and then enter all the details. In some cases, having to start all over again. I’m guessing you’ve just lost about 10 minutes following that process.

Technology in Transport has come a long way as I have previously mentioned. When online booking first started coming into the market 15 years ago, the websites were clunky, booking a job online was cumbersome and could often take upwards of 10 minutes to book one job. So you would give up and just call the bookings line and get the customer service staff to book it for you. As time went on, things improved a little and this time was cut down to around 5 minutes. Yet you were still having to enter a plethora of details and you would get to the end only to discover you’ve missed something.

Is your despatch manager trawling through multiple carrier websites or spending most of the day booking in carriers to pick up your freight?

As the years have gone on and the industry has become more aware of the importance of the “need it now” mentality, not just in the delivery times but also in reducing non-productive time, the technology in transport has improved 100 times over. Now with the help of Australia Post postcodes, predictive text and some backend smarts, booking online can take as little as 30 seconds. In this time, you have created a consignment with the frequent items you send to a frequent address you send to, have various carrier options to choose from, select the carrier and print your consignments. Leaving you to move on and maintain your productivity.

If your despatch manager is still trawling through multiple carrier websites or spending most of the day booking carriers in to pick up your freight, give us a call on 1300 795 956 or visit for your free appraisal on your freight and save you money by giving you back your productivity.

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