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Customised Freight Solutions is a handpicked team of passionate and motivated experts who strive to provide the highest quality of professional services with tailor-made systems and strategies to ensure that we exceed our clients’ logistics expectations.

We simplify any complicated freight process to make our clients’ freight and logistics requirements seamless and efficient by providing a wide network of carriers, 24/7 customer service and state of the art technology.

We partner with like-minded carriers and clients to provide an entire supply chain solution. Our goal is to reduce the time and frustrations that you find through managing your freight.

We understand your needs and service requirements and provide sustainable and efficient service solutions through the introduction of multi carriers to transport your freight.

We provide our clients with a highly intuitive Transport Management System which gives you complete transparency and automated updates whilst our team monitor and manage the day to day in the background.

We create and manage an efficient supply chain model unique to your business. Gone are the days of waiting on hold with a carrier, CFS provides one single point of contact for all freight related queries.

Our team is accountable and proactive.  We believe in continual improvement and regularly review our practices as well as your freight profile to ensure that your service levels are where they should be.

Customised Freight Solutions are based in Croydon South, Victoria.  However, we service all states with clients located throughout Australia.

Our office hours are 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday to Friday. We offer 24/7 support for peace of mind. Our team can be reached via phone or email and we’re more than happy for you to drop into the office to put a face to the name.

We have National and International reach through our strong partnerships with local, national, and international carriers. Through our large network of 100+ carriers, we can arrange transport of all freight types from anywhere in the world efficiently and professionally.

Our facilities can cater to extremely unique Freight requests; we often provide international & national freight services that our competitors simply cannot offer. With freight agents in locations across Europe, Asia, the USA, and beyond, we have the freight solution for you.

Through our partner network, we can provide a variety of specialist services. We benchmark all the largest freight providers’ services & pricing to obtain the best service offering possible. No matter where you are in Australia or around the world, we can effectively transport your goods.

CFS partner with like-minded businesses across all industries. We have specialised carriers to suit all requirements and have the fleet to transport freight of all sizes.

We pride ourselves on holding professional long-term relationships with our clients where we become an extension of their team rather than just a service provider. Our team has been able to achieve this through the years invested into nurturing and providing an unparalleled service to support and encourage relationship growth.

Our clients belong to an array of industries with Auto Parts, Printing and Packing, Chemicals and Coatings, Construction – Road and Building, and Robotic Automation to name a few.

Not all businesses have the resources to employ a dedicated member with a magnitude of experience to manage their freight – without needing to heavily invest to do so.

CFS offers a complete supply chain solution with no financial investment required. All you need to do is pay for the freight that you send – our team will manage the rest.

From onboarding and training (to use our Transport Management System), one point of contact, day to day freight management, full invoicing procurement and charge reconciliation to a smart and intuitive transport management system.

We’ve invested the time and money into learning the ins and outs of the transport industry (so you don’t need to).  We will take the time to understand your freight profile and implement the right supply chain solution for your business.


If you have a login to our Transport Management System, you can check the live status through searching (top right icon) or viewing the consignments under ‘active consignments’.

If you need a bit more information, want to update some details or do not have access please get in touch with our Ops team via ops@cfsolutions.com.au or call us on 1300 795 956 and a member of our team will assist.

If you have a login for our Transport Management System (TMS) you can quickly and easily retrieve a quote through the ‘get a quote’ section. Once you have input the job information, our TMS will return a list of service options that you can select.

The quote section provides:
• Service options listed by price
• All carrier options are shown
• ETA provided
• Charge breakdown
• Option to save the quote to amend or manifest at a later date

You can also get in touch with our team at 1300 795 956 or sales@cfsolutions.com.au where we will be able to provide you a quote and service options.

Our office hours are 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday to Friday however, we offer 24/7 support for peace of mind to our clients.

Yes. If your consignment has already been collected, please get in touch with our team on 1300 795 596 or via ops@cfsolutions.com.au where our team will arrange to update the details for you. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for national carriers to update this information. This may also add up to 1 additional business day to your transit time.

Yes, we have many clients who require transportation of Dangerous Goods items.  You can book in your DG consignments through our Transport Management System once you have created an account with us.

Yes. We have many services with tailgate capabilities.  We can arrange a tailgate at one or both ends with the ability to deliver to residential addresses as well.

Some carriers will charge surcharges depending on what your consignment is, the service you have selected, and where it needs to go. If these surcharges are service-related then these options will be provided for you to select at the time of booking based on your requirements (ie; residential delivery or tailgate delivery).

Some surcharges may be incurred which can not be captured at the time of booking. These surcharges typically relate to re-delivery fees and waiting or futile surcharges (couriers) that are dependent on the availability of the receiver to accept delivery.

Our team can talk you through the surcharges and how to reduce these charges by selecting the right service for your freight.

An MHP (Manual Handling Processing) fee is charged on each individual item that is incompatible with select carriers automated sortation systems and therefore requires manual handling/processing.

A manual handling surcharge can be charged based on dimensions, weight, packaging, and contents.

All incompatible items must be removed from the sortation system to enable the on time and safe arrival of your freight, as well as other Customers freight travelling through the system, while also ensuring there is no damage done to the sortation systems during this process.

Our team can help you understand how to pack and send your consignments to reduce the occurrence of manual handling fees.


Yes. With over 100 carriers to choose from and a total fleet in excess of 2000 vehicles ranging from rigid up to multi-combination; we select the right vehicle type for your freight. The preferred carriers we choose to work with have the same high standards as we do, combine that with our freight monitoring systems and you achieve a very consistent, high standard service being supplied (We don’t accept anything less)!

Our long list of partners gives us the ability to coordinate any type of movement anywhere around the country or the globe. If you have one single pallet to send or a full semi-trailer load to be delivered from one side of Australia to the other or within any other continent, we will ensure we find the right carrier for your freight. There’s no point in sending a carrier that predominantly moves tractors to carry one pallet or a pallet carrier to move a tractor. Through our years of experience, we have found that whilst road freight can be simple it is when people fall into the trap of believing one carrier can supply all requirements. A simple example of this is when a company that uses a parcel carrier but now and then they need to send a pallet as well. Just this simple extra can add up to thousands of dollars a year going straight to the bottom line of costs. Customised Freight Solutions uses the right carrier for the right freight profile; saving thousands of dollars and turning them back into Net Profits for you. Combine this with the technology available to all levels of your staff and the processes are made simple

Yes. Our Air Freight Services include:

  • Export air

  • Import air

  • Courier services

  • Door/door movements

  • Buyers Consolidation Services

  • Documentation Services

  • Customers clearance

  • International Air Freight Services

We have extensive experience in air freight cartage and as such offer an unparalleled service in this area. Using various airline providers around Australia and the globe to offer the best service at the best price, we offer an honest and personalised service which is extremely hard to find in this sector of the transport industry. With strong relationships at the upper level of management of major airfreight carriers, we can get the answers not many can and the buying power that only a few possess.

Our friendly staff will be able to assist you with any domestic or international air freight-related matter and are supported by a fully computerised bookings and operations system. Air Freight is an extremely great option when it comes to all things logistics. From here in Melbourne, or virtually anywhere we can have goods delivered in no time at all.

No matter what your Air Freight requirements, we can create a freight solution catered to your individual needs.

Utilising the rail network throughout Australia allows Customised Freight Solutions to offer diversity in charges and delivery times required to meet your budget. Whether you need to move an LCL – loose container load, FCL –  full container load – in 20′ or 40′ containers, or you have machinery or pallets we can arrange this for you.

The range of product moved across the rail network is extensive including:

  • Grains

  • Coal

  • Steel and metal products

  • Wood and logs

  • Cars and auto parts

  • White goods

  • Consumer goods

  • Manufactured goods

Utilising our trusted and reliable network that is constantly travelling up and down the east coast and across to the west, we fulfill our client’s requirements with a high service level whilst consolidating and reducing costs. Although Rail will not work for all, we assist in this decision-making process ensuring the correct mode of Transport has been chosen to suit your needs.

We have extensive experience in sea freight cartage and as such offer an unparalleled service in this area. Using various shipping lines around the world and within Australia to offer the best service at the best price, we offer an honest and personalised service which is extremely hard to find in this sector of the transport industry.

With many years of experience in shipping FCL and LCL from our Asian partners and more recently from Europe and America, we will ensure your shipment arrives safely to your door from anywhere around the Globe. If it is Domestic shipping you are looking for, then we are the experts in this area. With some very strong partnerships in Tasmania, we have access to senior management within transport companies in Tasmania which translates into very competitive pricing and service that is second to none.

Our friendly staff will be able to assist you with any transport-related matter and are supported by a fully computerised bookings and operations system.
Our commitment is to provide an optimum service based on reliability, honesty, and cost-effectiveness to allow our clients to compete in an ever-changing market place!

  • FCL Freight forwarding

  • LCL Freight Forwarding

  • Buyers Consolidation Services

  • Documentation Services

  • Project freight

If you are looking for a complete storage solution from Melbourne to anywhere around the country, then Customised Freight Solutions has you covered. With years of experience in warehousing in the Melbourne market and other major cities, our warehousing services are second to none. Our team is on hand to help you find the best warehousing solutions for your business. We are a team dedicated to making sure you have every angle covered and we work closely with our clients to deliver solutions that make a difference. With warehouse storage, third party logistics, container packing and unpacking added to a full freight service, we know what it takes to deliver.

Storage can come in a variety of forms but our focus is on looking at all the options you have available to you. We then work closely with you to make sure you end up with the best outcome that suits all your business needs.  From our location outside of Melbourne, we coordinate your customised warehousing solution.

Finding Warehousing to meet your individual needs can often be a tedious task.  With Customised Freight Solutions our extensive Warehousing experience can aid you in finding a solution. For any queries in regards to our Warehousing Services please get in touch with us.

Our warehousing and logistics facilities can cope with small or large volumes of cargo and we have years of experience in the industry. Importantly, we aim to offer the most personable service possible.

Our warehouse services include:

  • Bonded and non-bonded facilities

  • Storage

  • Picking/Packing

  • Quality Inspection

  • Kitting

  • Labelling

  • Palletising/slip sheeting

  • Distribution/Cross Docking

Our Global Freight Forwarding team provides complete integration between International services and  Customised Freight Solutions transport network. At Customised Freight Solutions, we’ve extended our connectivity far beyond Australia. We have developed an extensive global network that can provide our customers with a seamless link between international markets and our national supply chain network. We can facilitate pick-up and delivery to virtually anywhere in the world.

Through our worldwide network, we provide international forwarding services whether it be a small parcel up to a full container load via Air or Sea. From our office in Melbourne’s eastern suburb of Lilydale, we develop a freight solution that will fulfil your requirements. We work closely with you to determine the most efficient and cost-effective means of transport method, backed up by our unique Track and Trace facility to monitor your freight anywhere in the world.

Our International Transport and freight forwarding services are truly global, reaching locations such as USA, Canada, UK, Europe, China, Japan, Indonesia, South Africa, South America and more. Shipping via Air, Sea, Road or Rail, we supply the complete supply chain service.

For any questions about International Freight Forwarding Services, contact us below.

Our consultant’s outsourcing experience includes offshore sourcing with several recent projects related to product sourcing in China and evaluating the downstream Supply Chain benefits.

Our extensive supply chain network provides us with the experience that not many 3PL suppliers can provide. 3PL is an effective service only when executed correctly and this is where we assist to ensure all the processes are in place to make this happen.

We are located to the East of Melbourne in Lilydale, our freight services have an international reach & we always strive to provide the highest quality Freight Services possible. Whether it be 3PL warehousing, freight forwarding or general transport, we can help you.

At Customised Freight Solutions our outsourcing approach provides our customers with the following benefits:

  • An ethical and thorough tender evaluation process

  • Finding the right cultural ‘fit’ with potential outsourcing partners

  • Getting the best value for money from the outsourcing contract rather than the lowest price

  • Providing professional assistance and methodologies in the outsourcing process

  • When required, throwing the net wide, including new and developing companies

  • Evaluation of varied ‘types & styles’ of outsourcing partners

  • Providing essential decision support during the outsourcing decision, which should never be a foregone conclusion

And providing all of this, in a structured, objective and unemotional process.

Our specialist outsourcing consultants have been involved in numerous outsourcing and tender related projects across many industries. Our thorough and meticulous approach to outsourcing ensures success for your business. For any questions in regards to our extensive 3PL & 4PL services contact us below. 

Yes. If you require regular truck availability or once-off transport, CFS will manage this for you. From liaising with national to local carriers, we will arrange the transportation of your goods whilst working in with your requirements and deadlines.

Yes, our team can arrange and manage the despatch and delivery of your project work.  We will organise delivery time slots with carriers and liaise with your delivery team to ensure a smooth and seamless delivery every time.


The CFS TMS is a transport quoting, booking and tracking platform designed to remove all the hassle from transport. Instead of juggling multiple freight platforms to manage your freight, you’ll learn to easily use a single platform with a smart, simple and intuitive interface. With the end result you will find your workload smaller and your time used more efficiently.

The CFS TMS has ever-expanding capabilities to ensure our clients receive the highest level of services for their logistics without needing to know anything specific about the freight industry.

  • Quickly and easily book jobs
  •  Automatic and prompted tracking notifications
  •  Real-time automatic status updates
  •  Automatic POD attachment
  •  Complete overview of
    – Quotes
    – All Consignments
    – Active Consignments
    – Unmanifested Consignments
  • Customised dashboards providing overviews of your consignments
    – Reports
    – Audits

Yes, on the creation of each consignment our TMS can enable a pre-selected option to book your consignment with the carrier that you have selected.
• Automatic pickup
• No need to book separately

Yes. All consignments can be managed and tracked across our freight network through a simple dashboard providing status updates on each job.
• CFS overview and manage your jobs
– To ensure on-time delivery
– Organise re-deliveries
– Ensure that your time spent managing your freight is reduced
• Automated tracking option or prompted tracking option
– Sender and Receiver notification
– Reduces time spent relaying information to customers

Yes. We can add as many users logins to your account as you need. Please get in touch with our team who will create the login for you and organise the user settings

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